Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sarrisa Motel Part 2 and a Little bit of Saga

Carrying on from the earlier parts of the hotel construction (the construction and painting ), this week I received the replacement parts for the acrylic stair pieces I broke. (I also got a swimming pool and playground set that I will use for some ground decoration around the motel).

Here are the pieces with the spray paint finished and a first coat on the exterior doors and all the concrete painted with one coat.
I think the next steps are to paint the window and door frames as well as the vents on the side and add some rust weathering to those and then was with a grime wash and see how it looks at that point. I painted a dark blue on the roof to break up the black and I will do a grey dry brush and might put some flock on the roof to show the level of dis-repair

I don't really have a sense of what I want to do with the office -- I will do the doors and window frames in steel with some rust and maybe that will be enough?

The stairs in MDF went together much better than with the acrylic sides.

It turned out that the acrylic railings had the same problem as the stairs -- they were too thick and wouldn't fit in the slots. Fortunately the mdf frame that Sarisa sent had the railings in MDF and they fit fine

Also this weekend Mike and I played a game of Saga. He has posted a more detailed battle report but I thought I would give my thoughts here and also some thoughts on where I am going with Saga (which with the Walking Dead is the game I am  most active with at the moment).

While on holiday in Cape Breton this summer I painted up some plastic Vikings that I have had for a while and then decided that this should be a Norse Gael army so I ordered a unit of Hearthguard and one of Warriors armed with Dane Axes. I also got a Warlord with a Dane Axe and Gripping Beast were good enough to add in a figure of Brodir of Man, Who Steel Cannot Bite, Sorcerer and King-Slayer.

A month or so ago Mike and I played a game where I played with a regular warlord and Mike posted a battle report. I felt the Pagan Rus had some abilities that did have a strong impact on the Norse Gael board but I really enjoyed the army. I think it may have been the first time I played with an army with no mounted units!

I decided to play then again this time with Brodir of Man. I had to proxy a bit since he is only allowed to take units of Black Crew (hearthguard with 2-handed axes) and I don't have 5 units of Dane Axe armed vikings!  The game went well (even though I lost!), i might have been a bit too aggressive and Brodir was bitten by steel and was not a particularly good sorcerer and didn't kill any kings. I am now tempted to get and paint up some Black Crew but I think I will hold back on that until I get some other stuff painted.

In the near term, I want to finish painting my Spanish and Franks. The spanish only need 2 units of warriors to be finished (and they are about half done) along with the Warlord. The Franks need a bit more -- my goal is to field Roland so I need 4 points of foot and 4 points of mounted and I think I have one of each painted (Roland is painted though, as is a mounted Warlord)

Mike wants to do some Roman Saga -- I am still not sure about using my Early Imperial Romans but I will give it a go at some point.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sarrisa Motel Part 1

So work has actually begun (the preliminary post can be found here ):

I painted the tops of the roof pieces of the main wings with house paint I had used on some other projects and then sprinkled on some sand. I have also laid out the acrylic parts to remind myself how they go together (and managed to break one of the stair cross-pieces in the process! I think I should be able to put the good one in the slot away from the stairs and the stair step will act as enough of a spacer.

I  made some colour choices as well but then I had to make some changes as there was a limited selection of paints (or at least paint I was willing to buy there were more colours in some more expensive ranges)

I primed all the non-stair components

And then masked off to paint the bathrooms and sprayed them -- I decided to do the first attempt on only one floor so I could learn from the experience for the others

Next the bathroom was masked so I could paint the floor.

Then the floor gets maksed to paint the walls (there was a lot of overspray through the windows but I didn't think that mattered -- for the others I might spray the whole balcony just to get a start on the concrete)

And finally I mask out the whole interior and then paint the outside

I still need to paint the concrete balcony and then add weathering and paint the doors and windows. There were a few places where the paint leaked either through the mask or through joins in the wood but I don't think they are critical especially as the hotel is supposed to be run-down.

I am happy with the results and it really wasn't a lot of work but it take some time and space (and required the weather to cooperate since I was spraying outside). I will now spray the 3 remaining room pieces and the office -- and I guess I can start on weathering and detailing this one while I do that.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Sarrisa Motel Planning

After playing the Walking Dead on the Labour Day long weekend, I decided that I need to paint up some more of my Sarrisa buildings. The grocery store is really cool but it is just too big for some games as its footprint is pretty much the same as one of the Mantic 20”x20” maps.

There is probably some planning that will need to go into this and what better way to do that than to post on my blog for the first time in a year and a bit!

In hindsight, it might have been better to spray paint some of the pieces before assembly but I think a lot can still be done with spray paint and some simple masking (at least I hope it is simple, I have never done anything like that)

Here is the motel -- I haven’t assembled any of the parts that have acrylic pieces since I don’t want to paint over them. One of the buildings was put together back to front (it still surprises my that it is possible since Sarrisa sells the left and right wings are different kits) -- this is annoying but doesn’t really have any aesthetic or game issues.

For the two wings my plan of attack is to put some filler on the ground to give a bit of texture and some sand on the roof and then spray prime black. For colour I am thinking a pale yellow exterior, cream coloured interior walls and red-brown carpets. I am not sure yet if I want to paint the balconies and support as wood or concrete.

For the reception building, I plan to have the same colour scheme and with any luck I will have my 3D printer running again and can print some signage.

The clear acrylic balcony and stair railings I plan to distress a bit with some sandpaper and give them a grimy wash

Hopefully I will have a bit of an update in the next week or so

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Siege of Fort Beausejour

At Cangames way back in May, Ed ran his siege of Beausejour game. I don't really recall any real details of the game (other than losing,  and rolling really badly to get the first nations forces to take any interest in helping out) so I am just going to post some pictures with comments without trying to provide any sort of overall narrative.

 Looking towards the fort from the British battery positions on the hill.
 The view from the French side.
 The British move up in their seigeworks.

 One of the buildings is destroyed by the British bombardment.
 The British in their trenchworks get ready to assault.
 More of the buildings wiped out by fire

 New England Rangers move up to the fort.
 The main British force moves up.
 The British reach the edge of the ditch.
 Storming the bastion, the British overwhelm the defenders.
Only one more Cangames game to post! -- As well as getting through my backlog of pictures, I have managed to prime all the Project Z figures I have assembled and done a little bit of painting on my Franks.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bagotrix Strikes Back

Back in May at Cangames I ran another of my Roman - British Hail Caesar games.

In the game last year, recounted here, the Romans managed to capture a defensive dyke from the British and the over the winter have built a watchtower and are preparing to reinforce it in order to use it as a base to attack further into the British lands. At the same time, the British warlord, Bagotrix, has gathered some of his fellow kings for an attempt to drive the Romans back over the dyke.

The Roman forces consisted of the garrison at the watchtower -- Legion troops divided into line infantry, slingers, mano-balistae, and sentries as well as 2 scorpio and auxilia archer -- and the reinforcements -- a cavalry force with 3 units of medium cavalry and 2 skirmish units of Numidian light horse and an infantry force of legion and auxilia.

The British have 2 forces consisting of Warbands and skirmishers and one force with cavalry, a chariot unit, medium infantry and wardogs.

The Roman reinforcements lead by the Numidians approach the dyke.

The garrison of the watchtower prepare themselves for the British attack.
The Britsh line up for the attack.
The opening battle lines.
The British move up towards the tower with one force heading over the dyke to try and slow down the Roman reinforcements.
The Roman cavalry moves up but the Infantry is being indecisive and only moving up very slowly.
Meanwhile the British Cavalry seems very frightened of the British slingers and rides past them rather than over them!
The warbands, supported by the medium infantry move up to Roman lines.
The British cavalry take some hits riding by and the medium infantry takes care of the pesky slingers.

The noose tightens around the watch tower.
The two cavalry forces move towards each other.

 The British medium infantry press to the front door of the gate as the Legion pushes the warband back.
But the legionnaires may have moved a bit too far away from the tower as the British warbands engage it in force.
The two cavalry forces get stuck in.

They each win one of the battles so no resolution yet at the end of the dyke. The second British warband unit is moving down aross the dyke to to engage the Romans.
The legion at the tower is wiped out so now there are only a unit of sentries and and a unit of slingers guarding the outside of the tower.
The overall view of the battlefield.
The British cavalry move up to try and get the Roman infantry in the flank.

The British wipe out all the Romans outside the tower.

The Romans have a bit of good luck and defend well against the British cavalry, wiping them out before the warbands arrive.
In the mean time the surviving Roman cavalry has reached the tower and is trying to relieve the pressure on it.
The warband have reached the Roman infantry.
The remaining British cavalry engage the Numidians.
The Roman Cavalry has some success in pushing back the British.
The other warband wipes out the Roman auxila and pushes back the legion.

On the far flank the Numidians engage the British slingers.
In the centre, things continue to go badly for the Romans.

The Roman cavalry have better luck though and have pushed the British away from the tower.

The game ended with the Roman relief force almost completely wiped out but with the tower still in the Roman hands. The Romans will keep the position but they will be unable to use it to attack further in to British lands in the short term.

There will be more adventures of Bagotrix next year at Cangames, I have more British cavalry on the painting table right now (and a Roman elephant -- but I am not sure if I will use that or not)