Sunday, September 11, 2016

Siege of Fort Beausejour

At Cangames way back in May, Ed ran his siege of Beausejour game. I don't really recall any real details of the game (other than losing,  and rolling really badly to get the first nations forces to take any interest in helping out) so I am just going to post some pictures with comments without trying to provide any sort of overall narrative.

 Looking towards the fort from the British battery positions on the hill.
 The view from the French side.
 The British move up in their seigeworks.

 One of the buildings is destroyed by the British bombardment.
 The British in their trenchworks get ready to assault.
 More of the buildings wiped out by fire

 New England Rangers move up to the fort.
 The main British force moves up.
 The British reach the edge of the ditch.
 Storming the bastion, the British overwhelm the defenders.
Only one more Cangames game to post! -- As well as getting through my backlog of pictures, I have managed to prime all the Project Z figures I have assembled and done a little bit of painting on my Franks.

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